You can define educational background, including schools, majors and degrees, as a must-have or nice-to-have. 


In terms of schools, you can say "top US colleges", "top 50 US colleges", "top engineering schools in the US" or "top MBA schools". When you don't specify a location, we'll match schools all over the world that qualify.


In terms of majors, you can say "engineering degrees" to broadly match all candidates with engineering background, or specifically "material science or chemical engineering". 

Note that you don't have to enter all variations of the degree. For example, "material science" will match "material science & engineering" as well.


In terms of degrees, you can specify "Bachelor's degree", "Masters degree or PhD", "MBA candidates" or "JD"/"MD". All common degree levels should work here.


Examples of educational requirements:

  • "Bachelor's degree in engineering or computer science from top US engineering schools"
  • "MBA candidates from top business schools"
  • "Master's degree or PhD in material science"
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