Create the first role

To get started, create your first role by clicking the "New Role" button in your dashboard or using this link.

Search Criteria

For most searches, high level criteria is significantly faster than booleans. That's why we built high level criteria for every single attribute you might want to search for -

Skills & Experience

  • "hands-on experience with cameras & computer vision"

Years of total / industry-specific / management experience

  • "3-10 years in customer success"
  • "2+ years managing teams"

Target companies - by industry & stage

  • "Series-A medical device startups"

Education - degree level, target schools, major(s)

  • "Master's degree in engineering or computer science."
  • "Top MBA schools in the US"

Likeliness to move / Jumpiness

  • "stayed at least 1 year at current company
  • ""stayed at least 2 years at past jobs"

Previous Career

  • "CSMs with a previous career in management consulting"


  • "100% female candidates"


  • "San Francisco Bay Area, New York"

When can I expect to receive candidates?

You'll start receiving 10 candidates every weekday within 24 hours of creating a role. During your trial, you can create up to 2 roles - shoot us a message at if you need more! 

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