It's a sourcing tool!

Nettrons is a new type of sourcing tool that gives you these superpowers -

Extremely Flexible Search Criteria

With 30+ advanced criteria, you can search by years of experience in specific industry, previous career, diversity, jumpiness, and everything else you couldn't do in a traditional Linkedin search.

Accuracy based on cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding

Today's search engines can't distinguish "I am a python engineer" versus "I worked with python engineers".

Our latest NLP technology in reading comprehension assures that when you're looking for python engineers, 100% of your candidates will be people who have actual hands-on experience with python, not just someone who mentioned it on their profile.

Automatic Culture Fit / Background Fit Capturing

To get background fit right in our system, you don't have to get on the phone with us or enter 50 different target companies. We automatically capture fit from your existing employees on Linkedin. You can finetune that by entering succinct criteria like "post series-a fintech startups", "top engineering schools in the us".

Lastly, Nettrons works for all kinds of knowledge worker jobs - from engineering to sales, from entry-level to executive roles.

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