If you fall under any of the following descriptions, Nettrons is the perfect tool for you!

I have a hard-to-fill role

Have a role where the person needs to check 10 different boxes? This is where our Search Criteria shows its full power. Simply enter your criteria, and our tool will comb through the web to find that small pool of candidates who match all of them.

I'm looking for hard-to-search-for attributes

If what you're looking for can't be easily expressed in traditional boolean filters, Nettrons might be the perfect solution for you. These are examples of attributes you can search directly in our system - "PMs with a previous career in engineering", "3+ years distributed systems", "previous startup experience", "stayed 2+ years at previous jobs".

I'm hiring in a new region / country

It can be hard to get enough leads when you're just starting to hire in a new location, especially if you're expanding internationally and require bilingual candidates. In this case, you can rely on Nettrons to source high volume of qualified candidates who are familiar with the local market and speak multiple languages.

I want to spend less time sourcing and focus on working with candidates

If you or your recruiting team is overworked, understaffed and wants to save a few hours a day that you spend on sourcing, we are the right tool for you. With Nettrons, you can put sourcing on autopilot, and start your day with a list of qualified candidates to work on.

I want to hire diverse candidates

If you're looking to improve your company's diversity ratio or simply want to ensure a robust diversity pipeline, we're the right solution for you. With Nettrons, you can add diversity criteria like "50% female candidates" for any of your roles.

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